All Purpose Detergent Based Degreaser

The All-Purpose Degreaser is a powerful detergent-based degreaser designed to rapidly clean and uplift dirt. Suitable for removal of fat and grease from kitchens, canopies, vinyl, ceramics tiles, walls, floors and truck curtains on truck liners.

Using it on the bathroom tiles will strip and make them new as well as the workshop floor. It is important to dilute the product down according to the job and application as it is heavy-duty. The great thing about the all-purpose cleaner is that it gets in and does the job and does not affect plastics, rubber, metal, glass or cured paintwork.


  • All-purpose degreaser
  • Does not affect plastics, rubber, metal, glass or cured paintwork as long as it’s diluted correctly
  • Heavy-duty alkaline-based degreaser
  • Environmentally friendly Biodegradeable and non-flammable.
  • Safe to Use

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